JUIICE: Library platform for user-generated content that rewards using Blockchain technology


As the world develops, the need to use the Internet more and more to create news products with rich and varied content will always be of interest to everyone. Juiice is a place where you can freely create your own content, when using Juiice, you will also help to increase the ecosystem of related products along with other leading platforms. like: Facebook, Twitter, Intasgram, Media, etc… Juiice is like an art gallery on micro-content, both entertaining visitors and encouraging authors to spread the creativity, talent, humor, interesting ways of thinking of users this platform.


Since it uses technology up to Blockchain, having its own tokens will be an inevitable part of the project. About Juiice token was developed based on Ethereum platform.

Juiice development plan

Q1 2019: POC (proof of concept)

Team of project


Personal rating

In my opinion, the commonly used blockchain technology is a great thing. As soon as we are able to do the job of creating compelling content, I believe that this project will provide a future that will give users more choices as well as receiving news and different content.



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Luu Macin

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