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Koi Metaverse

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What is Koi Metaverse? Some background info on the Koi Metaverse venture

Koi Metaverse is a fish farming blockchain game that combines token economic climate and NFT sources. It consists of a series of intelligent contracts and all game assets belong to its gamers. Players can mine much more SHELL tokens by collecting fish with higher mining energy and increase them by paying SHELL, generating lively autocirculation.

If purebred mining fish is reproduced, you can lock it in the photograph guide to extract KOI, KOI is the governance token and use it to participate in other DeFi pursuits. Koiverse generates a wide range of NFT assets in the kind of fish photos and aims to be the BearBrick in the GameFi blockchain area.

Genesis NFT assortment

Koi NFT Genesis is a restricted assortment of 5000 NFT Koi from Koi Metaverse. The assortment is a assortment of one of a kind operates of artwork of various rarity. An NFT will be randomly signed on the blockchain tackle with the following characteristic:

  • Legendary — five-gene-suit two.six%
  • Very uncommon — four seeds: five.eight%
  • Rare — three (of five) — gene — seed: eleven.four%
  • Common — other: 63.%

Game launch program

  • October 2021

Genesis assortment

  • November 2021

Mining fishing

Fishing farm

  • December 2021
  • January 2022
  • March 2022
  • June 2022

Island Defense War

  • October 2022

Mecha Fish card game

Economic model Game Koi Metaverse

Economic model Game Koi Metaverse
  • KOI Market: will be the to start with focused trading platform for GameFi NFT assets of many specifications and chains, like ERC-721, ERC-1155, BEP-721, BEP-1155, and so forth.
  • NFT DeFi: Any GameFi NFT can be utilised as collateral on the Koi platform to borrow ETH or USDT for liquidity. Koi will layout the to start with NFT GameFi trading industry index merchandise that will be utilised as a essential indicator of prosperity.
  • Sidechain: is a scalability remedy on Ethereum, compatible with EVM and the total Ethereum ecosystem. Allow measurement
  • Brings: Koi will build a chain hyperlink portal for the local community, so that they can transfer NFT assets involving Koi Sidechain and other chains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, and so forth.
  • Tool kit: By taking benefit of the Koi Sidechain and GameFi growth kits, GameFi designers will be in a position to very easily build and deploy video games on Koi Sidechain with significantly less time and reduced expense, to offer a fast and intuitive game UX / UI.
  • GameFi Hub: Enable Koi GameFi Hub creation for all GameFi lovers. A springboard for promising blockchain video games to construct, increase money and increase. All local community members can share GameFi Hub income.

Koi Metaverse Project Tokens

The Koi Metaverse Governance Token (KOI) is a BEP-twenty token. Users can earn in-game KOIs, trade and trade sources on the Koi Network. There will be a treasure for the Koi Metaverse platform local community. The Treasury collects income from the platform and is managed by the local community by means of KOI staking to make sure decentralized efficiency.

Media socical

Website: https://www.koi.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/KoiMetaverse

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoiMetaverse

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